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How DNA Leads to Proof of Paternity Testing for Paternity with Home DNA Kits

Testing for Paternity with Home DNA Kits

DNA kits can be purchased by you and done at home to find out who the biological father is to the child in question. The best way to find out what DNA kits are available would be to talk to your current doctor. He or she should be able to recommend a brand or tell you who to talk to so you can get an affordable and dependable kit for DNA paternity testing.

Contents of DNA Kits

The contents of DNA kits will most generally be the same. There will be several cheek swabs for taking samples from the mother, child and the alleged father. Also among the contents of the DNA test kit there will be labels and envelopes for each of the swab samples and a detailed instruction sheet. The instruction will explain step by step what is needed from you to accurately get samples and the results. And last there will be a container or some type of package to send back the samples you have taken.

Procedures for DNA Kits

  1. Label each envelope for each individual person before testing begins. This will cut back on any confusion or mixed up samples as testing is taking place.
  2. Take samples from each person one at a time. This will also keep down any confusion or mixing of samples.
    • ┬áNote: Swabs are taken two per cheek. This is to help ensure accuracy when samples are being tested.
    • When taking each swab apply pressure and move in a circular motion so samples will take. This is to ensure skin cells attach to the swabs.
  3. After samples are taken from each person put in envelope marked with that person's name and seal.
  4. After all samples are taken, place sealed envelopes in package to be sent the designated testing lab.
Waiting for the Results

The results for DNA kits will vary depending on the lab in which you decide to do your testing through. Usually results will be back to you within a time period of five business days. However, depending on the company you choose to do your testing at may include an option where you pay more to get your test results sooner. This would probably be around three business days. Also, some companies may offer a service where they can call you and give you the results over the phone as well as send them to you in the mail.

Admissible in Court?

DNA kits for home use are an easy way to help keep things more personal and private. However, home DNA kits are generally not admissible in court proceedings. So if a paternity action is filed for the purposes of determining who the biological father is the testing lab will have to be AABB approved. Therefore, the courts may enforce the paternity tests be taken at a doctor's office ensuring that samples are taken properly and in authorized settings.