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How to Ask Someone to Take a Paternity Test Delicate Matters: Requesting an Acknowledgment of Paternity

Delicate Matters: Requesting an Acknowledgment of Paternity

Requesting a paternity test from a potential father can be a challenging and awkward task to accomplish. However, a mother can feel extremely relieved and calm when she knows the true father of her baby. Although asking a potential father to take a paternity test may be daunting, having the peace of mind paternity test results can yield makes it well worth the trouble.

A paternity test can result in the acknowledgment of paternity, which can be a crucial step for mother and baby. The family now knows with certainty who the father is, and the father may be legally responsible for the care of the baby. The results of a paternity test may permit a mother to legally collect financial support from the proven father for the upbringing of her baby.  The test results may also bring a change of heart to the proven father and he may then want to be involved in the mother and baby’s lives and bring emotional and mental support to mother and child.   However, support is not necessarily the only reason a mother sets out to seek an acknowledgment of paternity; she may just need the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge of the baby’s true father.  Both mother and potential father should agree and understand the reasons and motives behind the request for acknowledgment of paternity.

An accurate paternity test can benefit the child by allowing him or her to know the medical history of the paternal side of his family. This can be useful in the prevention of diseases or cancers and can be crucial in the diagnosis of a medical condition. Knowing the baby’s true father  can also benefit the baby mentally. He or she can at least put a name or face to the word “father” which can allow a child harmony in the family unit. A child who has clear paternity results can also have access to inheritance or social security benefits.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, if there is a question of who the biological father of a baby may be, a paternity test should be performed right away. If an unmarried couple is involved, they must fill out an Acknowledgment of Paternity form that states the man is aware he is the father of the newly born baby. A clear paternity test result that is legally acceptable can withdraw or affirm the Acknowledgment of Paternity form. Most paternity companies that are accredited by the AABB are accepted in a legal setting.

While making the initial request of a paternity test can be intimidating, there are many benefits for the mother and baby. An accurate and legally binding paternity test can result in peace of mind for the mother and emotional or financial benefits for the baby. Acknowledgment of paternity from the proven father can also mentally benefit the mother and child and can allow the father to feel closer to the family and possibly become involved in the child’s life.