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When it Really Matters: Picking the Right Lab for The Best Paternity Test

Modern technology has allowed DNA to provide a valid and accurate means of determining paternity. The paternity test is safe to use and is frequently used in a court of law to make a determination in paternity, custody and child support. DNA tests are offered in a home version as well as in a legal version. The home version can often provide reassurance to all interested parties, but may not be admissible in court. When deciding to use the services of a paternity test lab, it’s important to keep in mind how and why the test is being conducted.

Paternity Fraud Hurts Everyone, Especially Children

Paternity fraud occurs when a woman names one man as the father of her child knowing someone else is the true father. According to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and the University of California at Los Angeles between 10 and 15 percent of newborns are victims of paternity fraud.

Is Your DNA Test Legal?

Legal paternity is only determined if you take an AABB-accredited paternity test. A paternity test generally occurs after a child is born, though there are tests that use fetal tissue sample to determine parentage. It is generally least stressful on a fetus if test results are delayed until the child is born.

Child Paternity, the Law, and Citizenship

Many children know who both of their parents are, but in instances where the father is unknown, a means of establishing paternity must be found. Child paternity tests are required for many reasons: health conditions, establishing citizenship, child support payments, and government benefits. By being able to match the father with his child, the child will have wider options in his life. By conducting a DNA test, the parentage of the child can be established. In matters dealing with legal issues, only certain genetic testing services results will be accepted.

Delicate Matters: Requesting an Acknowledgment of Paternity

Requesting a paternity test from a potential father can be a challenging and awkward task to accomplish. However, a mother can feel extremely relieved and calm when she knows the true father of her baby. Although asking a potential father to take a paternity test may be daunting, having the peace of mind paternity test results can yield makes it well worth the trouble.
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