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Preparing for a Paternity Test Is a Free Paternity Test Right for Me?

Is a Free Paternity Test Right for Me?

Many online websites offer free paternity test kits. The free kits allow you to provide a DNA sample in the privacy and comfort of your home. If you need to discover if you are truly the father of a child, a home paternity test lets you take the test at your convenience.

The Importance of Paternity Testing

As a father, you have the right to know if you are truly the father of a child. You have rights that include visitation and custody. You’ll want to know that your child receives quality care.

If you are uncertain a child is truly yours, it is important to find out before you begin paying child support. Only a DNA paternity test provides you with the information you need to ensure you should be paying the high cost of child support.

What you Need to Know

With a DNA self-collection kit, you save money. The kit includes a durable mailer, cheek swabs and vials. If you purchased a DNA test kit in a pharmacy, expect to pay upwards of $80. By choosing an online company that offers free paternity test kids, spend that extra cash on yourself or your child when the results arrive. You will pay a charge to have a lab compare the DNA samples to prove or disprove paternity.

Be aware that courts generally do not accept self-collection DNA tests as admissible evidence. If you need paternity test results for a court battle, ask about court admissible home DNA tests. Only an AABB-accredited paternity test is admissible as evidence in court.

Providing a Sample

Providing a DNA sample takes seconds. Simply swab the inside of your check with the swab found in the kit. Seal the swab into its container, place the container and paperwork into the mailing envelope and wait for the results. Waiting is the hardest part!

Timeline for DNA Results to Arrive

On television, lab experts process DNA tests in minutes. This never happens in the real world. With a free paternity test, allow three weeks for results. The general timeline for a paternity test is:

  • Two to three days to receive the free paternity kit
  • One to three days for the kit to return back to the lab
  • One day for the lab to enter information into the computer and schedule the lab equipment for testing
  • Three to fourteen days for testing to be completed
  • Two to three days for mailed results
Providing fax or email contact information ensures the results arrive quickly. Paying extra for overnight delivery also speeds up the testing process.

If your free paternity test is more complex, such as a twin study or sibling study, expect those tests to take longer. With the more complex DNA testing, the lab must perform tests on a number of different samples, slowing down the testing process. Learn more about the different test types at the American Pregnancy Association.

Accuracy of Free Paternity Tests

Paternity test results are never 100 percent accurate. However, most tests do provide results that are 99.99 percent certain. In essence, this means that there is a 0.0001 percent chance the test results are incorrect. The percentage is so low that it is extremely rare to receive a flawed set of results.