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Preparing for a Paternity Test Reason to Establish Paternity

Reason to Establish Paternity

There are several reasons to establish paternity. The obvious reasons being: child support, child custody, visitation rights, and the possibility of adoption. However, there are a few other reasons to establish paternity. These reasons are financial benefits for the child, medical care for the child and the since of the child’s identity.

Financial Benefits

Child support is the most obvious of financial benefits to establish paternity which gives the child money to live on with the things needed to grow throughout his or her life until the courts see them as adults. However, other financial reason to establish paternity are death benefits if the biological father dies, social security and or Veteran’s benefits and the possibility of inheritance from the father and his estate after his demise.

If one does not establish paternity then the financial benefits cannot be given to the child because there would be no legal grounds for the child to benefit or inherit. Therefore, the child would be deprived of what he or she may have been eligible for if paternity had been established.

Medical Reasons

The health and well being of a child is most important; therefore to establish paternity means establishing the child’s medical history from his or her father’s side of the family. A specific medical reason to establish paternity is medical issues pertaining to genetics that could have been passed down from father to child.  This is important the child will be given a fighting chance against medical issues or problems that may be harmful to their well being as a child or in the future as an adult.

Another specific medical reason to establish paternity is if the child would ever need an organ transplant in their life time he or she has the best opportunity for a match knowing the DNA of both parents. By knowing the DNA of both parents the success of a transplant is highly more likely than if only knowing the mother’s DNA. Therefore, to establish paternity may help with a life or death situation.

Identity Reasons

Identity is a crucial element in a child’s life, for that matter identity is a crucial element in everyone’s life. Therefore, to establish paternity means to establish ones identity. The DNA a child has at birth is the same DNA he or she will have at 50, 60 and any age before, between and after these ages. Identity also means letting the child know where he or she comes from. To establish paternity means the child will have more than his or her mother’s side of the family to love and support them throughout life which will give the child a better-rounded up bringing.